Alexander Seifried At the age of eight, Alexander Seifried wanted to become a geologist but, due to a lack of rock formations in his neighbourhood, he embarked on several ›wild‹ internships in the local rural area. At the age of 18, he completed his training as a cabinetmaker, winning the second prize of the joinery guild. This was followed by a business administration training at 3F Design (Eckhard Renz and Helga Renz-Kramer, Stuttgart), focusing on the interior and furniture design business. In 1999, he set up UnternehmenForm and, only two years later, he presented his first furniture collection at the Designers’ Saturday in Stuttgart. Since then, Alexander Seifried has developed designs for Richard Lampert, Magazin, frauMaier and Elmar Flötotto. He also develops entire design concepts for offices, hotels, restaurants and homes. Additionally, he has extended the UnternehmenForm brand to include a specialist retail business for high-end contemporary furniture and interior accessories.