Fat Tom 4-lagig rot
Fat Tom 4-lagig grün
Fat Tom 4-lagig grau
Fat Tom 4-lagig braun
Fat Tom 4-lagig blau
Fat Tom 4-lagig beige


A Tom for all occasions

A black or chrome-plated tubular steel frame and three or four cushions placed one on top of the other: that’s ›Fat Tom‹, an unconventional stool with a diameter of 80 cm, available in a wide range of colour and material combinations.


Konzerthaus Liepaja Lettland, Foto: Martins Silis

Alexander Seifried, 2013

diameter800 mm
height450 mm


fabrics 2:
Rohi ›Sera‹ Lampert collection pepper, marmo, mare, verde, mirage, arancio; 94% WO, 6% PA
fabrics 3:
Combinations from the Tom range of fabrics, velour and Kvadrat ›Hallingdal‹
Data sheet

Colors and materials

Stoffgruppe 2: Rohi ›Sera‹

sera arancio
Sera mare
Sera marmo
Sera mirage
Sera pepper
Sera verde

Stoffgruppe 3: Tom-Mustermappe


Hallingdal 65/840
Stitch aqua
Triangle ice
Uniform ocean


Hallingdal 65/674
Stitch passion
Triangle rumba
Uniform passion


Hallingdal 65/960
Stitch grass
Triangle swamp
Uniform grass


Hallingdal 65/103
Stitch linen
Triangle chalk
Uniform clay


Hallingdal 65/368
Stitch walnut
Triangle brownie
Uniform café


Hallingdal 65/126
Stitch graphite
Triangle chalk
Uniform chalk


Hallingdal 65/173
Stitch caviar
Triangle charcoal
Uniform graphite

Stoffgruppe 3: Velour

velour graphite
velour grass green
velour royal blue
velour chocolate brown

›Fat Tom‹ 3-layer

The ›Fat Tom‹ pouffe is also available with three cushions and powder-coated tubular steel legs.


diameter 800 mm

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