A practical addition
to the original

Inspired by the original 1953 Egon Eiermann table frame, in 2014, the designer Alexander Seifried had the idea for a universally deployable trestle base. Egon Eiermann loved fresh ideas: Alexander Seifried knew this and, full of respect for the renowned architect and designer, he took the original lateral elements of the table frame and added stretchers of varying lengths, which can be mounted centrally or off-centre. As a result, the folding trestle can be used in various ways, for example in the garden with our stainless steel or galvanised folding trestle. Once mounted, the frame can easily be folded and put aside. For the top, we recommend a 5-layer plywood panel with weatherproof glue.


Alexander Seifried, 2015

colour frameGalvanised, stainless steel
(for outdoor use)
depth lateral supports580 | 780 mm
length stretcher290 | 390 | 780 mm
height690 | 720 mm
incl. 33 mm table top
740 - 760 mm
incl. leveling feet
Size table top1600 x 830 mm
2000 x 900 mm

Colors and materials


spruce/fir oiled
stainless steel

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