A rediscovered treasure

As 2010 marked the 100th anniversary of Herbert Hirche’s 100th birth, we had a look around his home in Stuttgart, hoping to find some hidden treasures. Among all the beautiful old furniture from the 1950s and ’60s, we were thrilled to find the prototype of a chair designed for the famous ›Interbau 1956‹ exhibition in Berlin. And voilà! The ›H57‹, a design in the tradition of Saarinen and Eames, yet very much an independent character. And utterly comfortable.


Media-Agentur Berlin, Foto: Grey Hutton

© Lucas Peters

Media-Agentur Berlin, Foto: Grey Hutton

Herbert Hirche, 1957

frametubular steel legs, powder coated black (RAL 9005) or chrome plated
coverpadded fiberglass shell with seat cushion
Rohi ’Sera’ pepper, marmo, mare, verde, mirage, arancio; 94% WO, 6% PA
velours, grass green, earth; 60% WO, 20% PA, 20% PES;
Kvadrat ’Hallingdal’; 70% WO, 30% VY
brown, coffee brown, black
depth800 mm
height770 mm
seat height430 mm
width970 mm
Data sheet

Colors and materials


sera arancio
Sera mare
Sera marmo
Sera mirage
Sera pepper
Sera verde


Velours earth
velour grass green


Hallingdal 65/103
Hallingdal 65/126
Hallingdal 65/173
Hallingdal 65/368
Hallingdal 65/674
Hallingdal 65/840
Hallingdal 65/960


suede brown
suede coffee brown
suede black


black (RAL 9005)
chrome plated

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