So simple
and so practical.
Simply wonderful.

A ›Wonder Box‹ for the budding conjuror and expert magician. Abracadabra – a simple box transforms into a bench and a table. Abracadabra – the table transforms into a blackboard. Abracadabra – and it’s a table again. And what might be hiding in the large combined drawer? That’s the conjuror’s special secret, because before you know it, the bench and table have become a box again. A true ›Wonder Box‹.


Monica Förster, 2010


frame, MDF with lacquer finish, one side with chalkboard finish


signal yellow (RAL 1003)
chalkboard finish moss green (RAL 6005)
white (RAL 9010)
chalkboard finish basalt grey (RAL 7012)
width700 mm
depth350 mm
height500 mm
seat height300 mm
Data sheet

Colors and materials


signal yellow (RAL 1003)
white (RAL 9010)


basalt grey (RAL 7012)
moss green (RAL 6005)

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