MILLA 1100

A perfect partner

30 years ago, Otto Sudrow transferred the construction principle of an Eiermann table design to a high desk. The result was Milla, a simple piece of furniture, which can be disassembled and, by encouraging active standing and working, has changed the ways we read, work or give presentations. We have refined Milla: the result is the Milla High Table, a standing workstation, which, among other options, is an ideal partner for the new Mr. Square and Mr. Round designs.


MILLA 1100, 2019

Breite1100 mm
Tiefe700 mm
Höhe mit Platte1050 mm
GestellBlack RAL 9005 or chrome plated
Tischplattechipboard E1 melamine, white coated with oak edge 2 mm or white ABS edge 1 mm
chipboard E1 linoleum Forbo 4023 nero, 4181 midnight blue, 4174 conifer, 4164 salsa, 4132 ash, 4175 pebble, each with oak edge, optional with ABS edge 1mm in matching colours (delivery time approx. 4 weeks) opposite face melamine, white
natural oak, satin lacquer finish

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