A bed for all occasions

The idea is as simple as it is ingenious: a sofa used as a bed or vice versa. In no time, the stacked beds are turned into two beds next to each other. Used as single beds or as a fully-fledged double bed without that pesky gap in the middle as the mattresses are flush when placed next to each other. A versatile piece of furniture, space-saving and comfy.

›Lönneberga‹ is also available with an additional divan drawer that offers a lot of storage space and can be stacked too.

Alexander Seifried, 2006/2007

Höhe ein Bett300 mm
Höhe zwei Betten490 mm (stacked)
Breite900 mm
Länge2110 mm (bottom)
Bettrahmenmultiplex ash veneer, ash-textured MDF, with open-pore finish in red (RAL 3020), white (RAL 9010) or black (RAL 9011)
maritime pine, plywood, lacquered
solid oak, smoked, satin lacquer finish
birch multiplex, 21 mmm, white melamin or black-brown phenolic resin finish
Lattenrostfirmly attached to frame; 17 individual slats with central reinforcement
Matratze900 × 2000 × 100 mmcold foam RG 40, firmness: 30, with quilted cover and removable fabric cover
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Colors and materials


smoked oak
maritime pine
ash-textured MDF red
ash-textured MDF black
ash-textured MDF white


Riviera/dark brown
Riviera/silver grey
Riviera/dove blue
Salt and Pepper
Solo beige-grey
Solo beige caramel

›Lönneberga‹ MDF

This is how you make your guests happy …

The multi-functional stackable bed made from melamine-coated MDF for guests and spontaneous sleepovers with simple roll-out slats and polyfoam mattress. The low-price ›Lönneberga‹ design, perfect for just a few nights in the guest room.


Bettrahmen MDF, white-faced melamine finish, natural MDF edge
Lattenrost base: 21 slats, solid wood
Matratze 900 x 2000 x 100 mm, polyfoam RG 40,
firmness: 30 with wadding and removable fabric cover ›Solo‹ beige grey
Data sheet


  • 2 BRACES

    red (for connecting 2 beds side by side)


    1950 mm or 950 mm


    400 × 600 mm


    800 × 170 mm steel red, white or black, with 2 cut-outs for glasses


    for cans, bottles, mobile phones, TV control


    to stop children falling out of bed

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